Kickboxing / Conditioning

Are you bored with your aerobics, jazzercise classes and diets programs which seem like they don’t do much? Looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your strength and flexibility while burning fat and learn self-defense moves as well? Do you have the drive to stay in shape or want to tone up just a little more? Then cardio-kickboxing may be for you!

“What is Kickboxing/Conditioning?”

You’ll be among others who have the similar goals as you do. We use heavy bags simulating the strikes against an attacker, with gloves. Jump rope, timer and music will add a wonderful atmosphere to our great work outs. Workouts build cardio endurance and muscle tone. The classes are scheduled at convenient times. The concept is unique and proven in that it teaches proper punching and kicking form and basic fighting techniques while offering a full-body workout. Classes are taught in a group setting to boost participation and intensity.

Our cardio-kickboxing classes spend at least part of the time kicking and punching weighted, padded targets. The class may also incorporate traditional exercises, such as jumping jacks, abdominal crunches, leg lifts and pushups to create a total body workout. In addition to improving and maintaining cardiovascular fitness, it is not out of question if you see us also working with medicine ball and weights to improve the condoning of your body even more.

Start today and increase your strength and flexibility, improve coordination and balance and sharpen your reflexes.

“What kind or workout gear should I wear?”

Wear comfortable exercise shorts and a non-restricting t-shirt or tank top. Women should wear a sports bra. Bring a towel and water to class. (Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.) You may also want to sweatband around your forehead.

Wear no shoes or other lightweight athletic shoes designed for pivots and lateral movements. You should not wear running shoes as they will sprain ankle, knee and hips (If you are to wear shoes, they should have not grooved underneath them). You’ll be hitting bags, pads and sparring. Hand wraps or gloves are needed to protect your hands and wrists. The wraps are long strips of absorbent cloth that are wrapped around your hands and wrists and secured with Velcro. Gloves come in a variety of sizes and degrees of thickness. Necessary gear can be purchased at our school.